In 2011, Digital Instincts became a full service firearm sales and instruction company.

My teaching specialty is new shooters – people who have never touched a firearm in their life but have an interest in learning how to shoot handguns or rifles for sport or self-defense.

My ‘First Steps Handgun Course’ covers everything you need to know to shoot confidently and safely.

The course covers safety procedures, the mechanical operation of both semi-automatic pistols and revolvers, ammunition types and uses, as well as the fundamentals of shooting like sight picture and trigger control.

As I am both an NRA and DOJ certified instructor I can also proctor the Handgun Safety Certificate Test that is required in the state of California to own a handgun.

As a fully licensed Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL), I have the Federal, State, and Local licenses to sell firearms to any law-abiding citizen with a clean background.   I have accounts with the top distributors that stock all major brands of rifle, handgun, shotgun, ammunition, optics, knives, accessories, as well as hunting and camping equipment.  If you are interested I can also build custom left handed and right handed California legal AR-15 rifles – you choose everything from the caliber to the color.

I can guarantee my prices are the lowest you will find for a simple reason – I have no overhead of any kind and only order once you have placed your order with me.